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"A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song."
~ Chinese Proverb


• practices Council on Tuesdays as a means of learning to listen and talk through story telling.
• is "vertical" (6th grade students will continue to have the same advisory group & teacher in 7th and 8th grades)
• takes place every day during BIC for 15 minutes
• establishes and enhances relationships between students as well as between students and their teacher
• helps us learn more about the Gloabl Compentencies
• is a place where students focus on skills for studying, testing, and thinking

nukesymb8th Grade Culmination:

School year 2016-17                         Eighth Grade Advancement Requirements

There are new requirements of all graduating High School students in LAUSD. They must pass all their classes with a C or better. In order for middle school students to be prepared to meet the challenge of increased expectations and requirements of High School graduation and to help all students meet their academic responsibility in 8th grade, the staff at International Studies Learning Center Middle School has changed our academic expectations and culmination requirements.


Middle School Culmination Requirements :

All 8th grade students can only receive:

  • Two F’s for the year. (Excludes Progress Reports) The F’s cannot be in the same subject.
  • No more than 4 U’s (2 in Work Habits and 2 in Cooperation), all year.

    Community Service Hours

    • 10 hours of community service are expected for each grade level by end of each school year.
    • Combined total for all 3 years is 30 hours.
    • 30 hours community service is the minimum requrement for 8th grade culmination

(Final report cards that count on student’s record):

  • End of Fall Semester (Dec) - End of Spring Semester (June)
  • No more than 10 absences (all 10 absences must be cleared--- serious, chronic, or major illnesses must be verified by a doctor’s note)
  • Attendance Exceptions: extracurricular school activities, field trips, sports trips, etc.
  • Return library and textbooks (not returning books would hold advancement certificate)
  • Completion of remaining 20 community service hours -Total of 45 hours for all three years. (non completion would disqualify student from advancement ceremony. - Adjustments to the amount of hours required will be done for new students enrolling in a mid-year.)
  • Demonstration of respect for school policies and discipline code.
    • Participation in the Advancement ceremony is a privilege, not a right. 
    •  Frequent or serious violations of school policies or discipline code may disqualify a student from participating in the ceremony and any other 8th grade activity. 

* The 8th grade teacher/counselor/administration committee meets to decide each student’s situation and completion of requirements.

* Students will be allowed to pick up their certificate on a later date after all requirements are cleared.
* Eighth grade students must purchase cap and gown in order to participate in advancement ceremony.






Before Council - Review the Four Intentions:

1. Listen from the Heart
2. Speak from the Heart
3. Keep it Lean
4. Be Spontaneous

Review Confidentiality: No personal stories outside of Council.
(Exception: If teacher hears stories of drugs, alcohol, or feels someone might be harmed)

Invite group to discuss possible prompt ideas or offer group some choices.
(You can write prompt ideas in the outline below and check off the ones chosen.)

Ask the group “Are we ready to go into council?” (If "yes," then proceed.)


Opening (optional):
(e.g. ring chimes or bell for centering)

(e.g. ring bell/chimes, stones/shells in water, jiggle beads or shells, pour water, elec. candle)

(e.g. weather report, one word/phrase, color, type of ice cream, open-ended: "What's up?")

-Round 1- Possible Prompts-
Tell about a time:
-you were really proud of a family member
-Memory of your first pet
-Roller Coaster Scary story

Round 2 - Possible Prompts -
Tell about a time:
- Was emabrassed by clothing parents made me wear
- Caught a friend in a lie
- Succeeded in a challenge
- Visited another country

Witness Round: (if time)
(e.g. “I heard someone say….;” one word/phrase, "I noticed that…")


(e.g. pass the squeeze, clap, stomp, facial expression; clap together; song, ask for ideas, etc).

for more information: Council



Advisory Reading  2011-2012
6th - Homeless Bird by Gloria Whelan
7th - Maus: A Survivors Tale by Art Spiegelman
8th - Farewell to Manzanar by Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston



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