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~ Argument: Pro & Con ~


1. Visit sites that are appropriate and on topic.
2. Cite which sites you get any information and images from.
3. Make clear which words are yours, and which are quotes
4. Today and tomorrow, spend 100% of your time on research
5. Rough and Final Poster


WEBQUEST: Animal Testing: Pro & Con

This project includes many steps.

• Browsing sites that are pro and con animal testing.
• Taking notes, make a claim in favor of (pro) or against (con) animal testing using the handout.
• Creating a pro or con poster, and then debate the issues using evidence from multiple sources.
• Check the Rubric below!!!

W6.1 Learning Target
Write arguments to support claims with clear reasons and relevant evidence.

SL6.4 Learning Target
“I can make a speech to an audience. I can make a logical argument using descriptions, facts, and details”

Webquest Project Steps:

1. Visit the Animal Testing sites below in #2 and take at least one detailed note for each link using the CES chart handout.
2. EC for doing a 2nd page for your CES chart

(CES CHART) (CES= Claim • Evidence • Source •)
Information & notes C E S













Global Pro


Global Con



2. Include the data used by the websites when reading the different arguments. Make sure to write down who provided the data.

PRO LINKS:: 1) Pro planet science 2) Pro Animal Res 3) Pro Speaking of Research 4) "my choice" (find yor own source)

CON LINKS: 1) Con Peta 2) Con Udemy 3) Con Cruelty Free 4) Con "my choice" (find yor own source)

International: 1) Global Pro and Con 2) "my choice" (find yor own source) 3) "my choice" (find yor own sources)
3. Review ALL your notes and sources so you can use them to back up your claim.

4. Choose a side. Are you pro or con animal testing?


5. Browse your notes and write out a claim for either (or both) Pro and Con animal testing using a mix of simple and compound sentences.

6. Brainstorm and sketch a quick "rough" poster in your ENB that will argue your point of view.
Be sure to include • hook • your claim • your evidence /DATA • drawings/images • the sources!

7. Using the paper passed out in class OR the document in Google Classroom....
create a final draft of your poster that argues your point of view. (either Pro or Con) or.....split the paper in half, and argue both points of view!(both Pro or Con)

8. Be sure to include • hook • your claim • your evidence /DATA • drawings/images • the sources!

9. Complete your debate index cards to help you organize for debate ~ the cards should include:
-your name
-your claims, evidence, and sources
-AND 3 counter claims with evidence against the other sides point of view

Your counter claims should help you be ready to win your argument!

10. Presentation to table / class - Due: TBA


Scoring Rubric for Animal Testing Poster
  Possible Points Table Partner Assessment Self Assessment Teacher Assessment
Hook 10      

Argument /Claim is clearly stated

Data / Evidence is clear 25      
Multiple Sources are cited with the evidence 20      
Spelling and Grammar Conventions 15      
Poster: Creativity, Neatness, and Design 5      
Completion by due date!        
Total 100      

SEARCH ENGINES, not web sites for a bibliography.


1. Use the laptop / iPad that is assigned to your seat
2. Be gentle with the laptop / iPad(as you would with a 3 week old baby)
3. Keep sound turned down all the way!
4. Pick up the computer with 2 hands and NEVER by the screen!
5. At the end of class, return laptop / iPad to the corresponding # in the cart
6. Plug it in!!!!



“"“There is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance.”
~ Socrates


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