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"One who learns but does not think is lost. One who thinks but does not learn is in great danger."
Confucius 551-479 B.C.


The goal of the ISLC is to prepare our students morally, culturally, academically and intellectually for the conditions of the modern world and to meet the requirements of citizenship in the global society.  As a new and still relatively small school we have the unique advantage of emphasizing among stakeholders a shared commitment to the ideals of respect, community, and civic responsibility.  In the building of our school culture, we are able to model for our students and reinforce concepts over the four – seven year period that our students remain with us in our span school model – what will eventually become grades 6-12. 

Students and teachers, alike, are able to identify their individual areas of strength, develop communication skills and articulate the vision in both their social endeavors and academic pursuits.  Our span school structure allows us to witness the transformation and maturity of our students from early 6th grade through 11th grade, allowing us to accurately review the impact of our thematic program and curriculum planning.

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Principal's Message

International Studies Learning Center (ISLC) is a WASC accredited span school, grades 6 -12, with approximately 850 students in Los Angeles Unified School District. Our vision is to inspire and prepare global citizens. As a small learning community, our curriculum is based on the California State Standards with an emphasis on world cultures and languages.  ISLC middle school offers Model United Nations, Leadership, Yearbook, and introduction to world languages.

The high school course offerings include AP courses, Model United Nations, Academic Decathlon, Journalism, Leadership, Yearbook, advanced courses in Spanish, French, Japanese and Mandarin. In February 2012, we had the great honor of hosting at our school Vice President Biden from the United States of America and Vice President Xi from the People’s Republic of China.  We have adopted a region of study for each grade level as a cumulative and collective process of studying the world. Annually, we celebrate world cultures through our Dragon Festival. Our students have also had the opportunity to travel in the United States to Washington D. C., New York, Miami, and Seattle, as well as internationally to Europe, China, Japan, and Costa Rica.  We are part of the International Studies Schools Network (ISSN) sponsored by the Asia Society though a start-up grant by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. We are proud to be an Early College High School. Our partner, Los Angeles Southwest Community College, offers courses on our campus.

We hope to provide our students with an opportunity to graduate from high school with a year of college credit and/or an AA degree. Thus far, 84% of our students have graduated with college credits. ISLC is a model school in the practice of Council which enables us to enhance communication and build community through sharing our stories. We have Youth Council Leaders and conduct Councils in all advisory classes as well as content courses. We pride ourselves in creating a familial, respectful, caring, and safe learning environment.  I am proud to be the principal of this great community. You may go to our links to learn more about our programs and partners.



The faculty of the International Studies Learning Center is committed to accomplishing the following immediate goals and objectives:

  • Improvement in Literacy :
    • Striving toward a marked improvement in Literacy skills and test scores. 

The ISLC staff plans on developing and modeling a school-wide reading program at both the Middle School and the High School level by employing various reading strategies within each core content class.

  • Global Awareness:
    • Creating awareness of various cultures through the study of Language, the Arts, and core subjects to enhance ISLC students’ appreciation and value of cultural diversity.
  • Collaborative Vision:
    • As a unified staff, the middle school and high school teachers, will collaboratively redefine, combine, and make relevant the vision of the ISLC; creating a vision that is reflective of the school’s ESLRs, the Asia Society ISSN graduate profile, and the LAUSD initiatives.

We, as teachers, at International Studies Learning Center, believe that the role of the teacher in our small school should encompass:

  • Serving as models of good citizenship within the global community contributing to the site our organizational vision, content knowledge, real world experience, diversity of languages spoken among them, instructional strategies, and demonstrating positive norms of socialization.
  • Serving as transmitters of knowledge, skill, and abilities utilizing various teaching techniques and means of communication in passing information on to our students as the next generation.
  • Being integral by nature with the process of education through teaching and continual learning, requiring strategic collaboration and commitment.
  • Creating a safe haven where there is ample communication impacting students, teachers, parents/community regarding guidance of students in decision making, and development of their future aspirations.

We expect our administrators to facilitate the process of education, assist in problem solving and develop preventive measures for future problems. The administrators at ISLC will remain familiar with youth culture, and maintain relationship with the students served in order to effectively meet student needs.  Colleagues at our small school are willing to embrace and share new instructional practices; embrace diversity as educators by sharing and understanding that 100% collaboration is required to reach our site goals.  Our vision for our school is large enough to be inclusive of all faculty, administrators, students, parents and partners toward reaching the best possible outcomes in post secondary opportunities for all of our graduates.



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