J A P A N ~ N C T A T O U R ~ 2 0 0 5 _SEICHI

Shingon Buddhist ~ Shinto ~ Sukyo Mahikari    
BUNKASHI history
DAISHIZEN mother nature
EGARA pattern design
FUUDO food
IPPANTAISHUU ordinary people
KOUTSUU transportation
KYOUKA education
MATSURI festival
SEICHI sacred
TOSHI city
  Zen Temple, Kyoto  





JAPAN 05_KOYASAN_Buddhist Monastery



  We stayed at a Shingon Buddhist monastery in Koyasan. At 6:00 AM, the head priest lights bundles of sticks with the intention of the fire "burning all sins out," or symbolically "burning worldly attachments."  


While the fire is burning, the monks recite holy verses. The candlelit temple had a very low ceiling which made the sounds of the chanting reverberate through the air.




The Shingon school uses Sutras, Mudras, & Mandalas in their quest
to follow the teachings of Buddha. (this is an example of the influence
Hinduism had on Buddhism)




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