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Mosaic Resources:
• Enrique’s Journey
• Migration Survey
(family member) 
• The Cup
(Tibetan Monks)

 • 0-100 points for content information, creativity and explanation (details, what you say and how you say it,) 
 • 0-100 points for neatness, design, spelling, capitalization, grammar

NOTE: Bring the BLANK display board (see below description) to class by 1/8/18
NOTE: 90% of the project will be done in class! You are encouraged to print out relevant images at home, remember they need to be the size of the tile or smaller.

During Winter Break: Follow the Migration Display Board Directions




------------------In Class

Migration Topics: Enrique’s Journey  • Personal Migration Story (from family member interview)    • The Cup (Tibetan Monks)
Grading: See Rubric below for detailed explanations
0-100 points for content & creativity- (details, plus what you say and how you say it) ~ 0-20 points for neatness, design, spelling, capitalization, grammar
If you are using internet pictures for some of your images, find them and print them. They must fit in a single tile.

____ Step 2 Review the stories and movie so you can put clear, interesting, & detailed answers in the tiles

____ Step 3 Brainstorm and rough draft of a 20 tile mosaic  for each topic using 2-4 pages of your notebook

____ Step 4 Table share for critique on answers, designs, etc. while reviewing the Rubric and make changes when necessary

____ Step 5 Check spelling, capitalization etc.

____ Step 6 Cut out / paste tiny titles for each tile (teacher will provide sheet of titles) on the top left hand corner of each tile

____ Step 7 Review the Rubric as you edit all your rough draft answers, publish on display board

____ Step 8 After editing all your rough draft answers, Publish!

Initial Directions: Create a 60 tile mosaic of ideas, quotes, reflections, claims, drawings, images etc..
____ Step 1 Measure, calculate, and draw 60 tiles of equal size (see below check off list)




mosaic rubric



Migration Mosaics from 6th graders in 2016!    
m1   m12
m3   m6
m6   m8
m14   m4
m10   m9
m16   m13
m8   m7


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