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"Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it."
George Santayana

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Ancient Civilizations (Social Studies):

Please note: Each student must bring their Social Studies spiral notebook to every class meeting.
The notebook will be used for reflective writing, note taking, rough drafts, and homework.

Students will be covering about 5 million years of human history in less than one year! We will investigate our past through the roles of archaeologists, anthropologists, artists, and historians. We will also use reading and writing to question and discover global issues that affect our lives through the study of other cultures and their perspectives. Furthermore, students will investigate their own family's ancestry and artifacts
for understanding the connections of history.

In the fall, we will be investigating the beginnings of early human civilization and then move on to society developed in Mesopotamia, Egypt, and India. After the winter break, we will learn about China, Greece, and the ancient Hebrews. Finally we will examine life in ancient Rome.
Throughout it all, we will relate what we learn about the past to what we know about the present and what we can hope for the future.

We will also focus on geography as land forms certainly influence how human history unfolds. To enhance critical thinking we rely on student based inquiry, technology, primary sources, the library, and the History Alive series. Additionally, your child will experience intensive reading of current newspaper articles as well as the Holt textbook, Ancient Civilizations.

I have been fortunate to spend part of my life living in or traveling through most of the regions mentioned above. I will bring artifacts from my travels to further enable student understanding about life among other cultures.

"A people without history is like wind on the buffalo grass."
Native American Sioux proverb

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Social Studies Links

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Ancient Rome:



"History is a series of arguments to be debated, not a body of data to be recorded or a set of facts to be memorized...Who controls history, and how it's written, controls the past, and who controls the the past controls the present."- Robin Winks & Susan Mattern-Parkes, The Ancient Mediterranean World

National tests have shown that independent reading at home is a key ingredient for improving a student's language skills!

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