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The Big Idea

Teleport yourself into ancient Roman days and nights to experience life from their eyes.

Essential Question(s)
  • How does the past affect the future?
  • On what levels is ancient Rome still with us today?
  • Has life changed that much?


I will demonstrate a facet of ancient Roman society by choosing and completing one of the topics below.

9 Steps

  1. Read and browse through the Webquest options. (below)
  2. Choose which mini-project you are interested in exploring and completing.
  3. Check the rubric below.
  4. Visit the websites and make 18+ detailed notes answering who, what, why, when, where, how.
  5. Create an alphabetical glossary of at least 5 new vocabulary terms with their definitions.
  6. Make a very rough outline of the project in your SSNB.
  7. Recheck the rubric below.
  8. Complete your final version following the criteria in the tasks listed below.
  9. On a separate piece of paper, write down and answer 1 of the 3 essential questions with a detailed explanation using 3+ sentences.

E.C. Select the aspect that you thought was most interesting about the ancient Romans. In a well-written paragraph, explain why you selected that aspect. Make a claim and be sure you give specific examples to support your selection.


Webquest on Ancient Rome

Did the Romans have "swag"?
Dining the Thermopolium Way
Glad to be a gladiator?

~ Draw or sculpt a human figure in the style of an ancient Roman boy or girl.

• Be sure to include labels for each item of dress and hair style
• Explain the occasion (when and why they would wear / display such fashions)


~ Design a takeout menu for ancient Romans

•Include separate pages for either lunch specials and /or breakfast
• Use different size fonts, Roman designs, and drawings


~ Describe the pros and cons of the gladiator life by writing a 4+ page diary with drawings.

• Note: Write the diary in the 1st person

• Use words and ideas from those times

Clothes and Hair Styles in Ancient Rome
Dinner in Ancient Rome
10 Truths you probably didn't know
  Roman women and beauty   The First McDonalds in Pompei   Professional Fighter
Roman Dress

The Romans - Chow Time

Fight or Fright?

Thank you pozzolana!
Happy Families?
Nerd or Soldier?

~ Draw one of the temples, monuments, or government.
• Explain the purpose of the building and the building techniques using 8+ captions.


~ Compare and contrast the daily life of a Roman family with your own by writing a 6+ page diary. (one side for ancient Roman life, the other for your family life in 2016)

• Include a Venn Diagram with 10 bullets


~ You have been hired by the Roman Old Times Newspaper to create a 6+ panel comic strip that illustrates either the daily life of a soldier or a student growing up in ancient Rome. Include a title and author.


The Great Builders

Roman Family Links The Roman Army

Rome: 10 Innovations

Check the many links on page above   The Roman Army 2

Ancient Roman Architecture

    Gladius - sword



A - Exceeds the Standard
The work demonstrates an exceptionally high level of understanding. Final project has minimal spelling and grammar errors. Final project is in legible handwriting or word-processed. Uses own words in writing sentences. Uses descriptive words in writing and includes words from the glossary. Correctly formatted bibliography with at least 5 sources.

B - Standard
The work demonstrates understanding.

C - Approaching Standard
The work comes close to demonstrating understanding.

D - Needs Additional Instruction
This work does not meet the criteria which suggests that the student needs further instruction on demonstrating understanding.

Inc - Not Enough Evidence-try again!
Not enough evidence of reading informational materials is present to score this entry. The student has submitted an essay that shows no evidence of thinking or researching.



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