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World Music Drums _ Exploring The Culture of MASKS

“Clowns wear a face that's painted intentionally on them so they appear to be happy or sad. What kind of mask are you wearing today?”

Annonymous quote from Internet



What are masks used for?
Dragon Drummers respond...
for: entertaining, showing feelings / personality, expressing yourself, showing the faces of worship; use in ceremonies, to offend, to show respect, fear, laughter!

Etymology (word origin) according to WIKI
The word "mask" came via French masque and either Italian maschera or Spanish máscara. Possible ancestors are Latin (not classical) mascus, masca = "ghost"; Hebrew masecha= "mask"; Arabic maskharah مَسْخَرَۃٌ = "jester", "man in masquerade", maskhara مَسْخَرَ = "he ridiculed, he mocked", masakha مَسَخَ = "he transfomed" (transitive).

Masks according to
Ritual ceremonies generally depict deities, spirits of ancestors, mythological beings, good and or evil, the dead, animal spirits, and other beings believed to have power over humanity. Masks of human ancestors or totem ancestors (beings or animals to which a clan or family traces its ancestry) are often objects of family pride; when they are regarded as the dwelling of the spirit they represent, the masks may be honored with ceremonies and gifts.

National Core Arts Anchor Standards
Anchor Standard #1. Generate and conceptualize artistic ideas and work.
Anchor Standard #2. Organize and develop artistic ideas and work.
Anchor Standard #3. Refine and complete artistic work.

Students will gain understanding of another culture by exploring masks from around the world.
Students create a mask that represents parts of their own culture. (e.g. ethnic culture, kid culture, fantasy culture, etc.) and give the mask a name and "home."

1. Google search masks from different cultures (e.g. use the search word "mask" with New Guinea, Japan, Yaqui, Oaxaca, Veracruz, Guerrero, Navaho, Congo, Ghana, Ethiopia, Peru, etc)
2. Choose one of the masks from your search and copy it the best you can into your DNB.
3. Read and take 1-2 pages of Cornell Notes (including summary & questions) about masks from the article at:
4a. In your DNB, Draw a rough draft your own mask that represents some part of you
Make a final draft of your mask on a seprate piece of paper.
Cut it to the size you want
5. Use Photo Booth to enhance your creation
6. On the back of the mask answer a) Where? b) When? c) Fave Food and d) include a Quote. *see examples below if you are confused)
7. Send the screenshot to or use Jupiter Mail. Make sure to include your name and all your answers to the Q's on #6

Masks of the Spring Drummers 2018 (in progress)

k ya
Kyla- "Catgirl" WHERE:In the Forest WHEN: by the 13th FAVE FOOD: Candy
"Don't Go!"
Yamil- "Half Man"   WHERE: Everywhere   WHEN: Anytime FAVE FOOD: Tacos
Hannia antonio

Hannia- "Derpy Derp Derp" WHERE: Iceland
WHEN: Morning FAVE FOOD: Chicken QUOTE: "Derp!"

Antonio- "Blossoms" WHERE:Japan WHEN: ? FAVE FOOD: Cherries
"You'll never blossom like me!

kyla 2 anahi

Kyla- "King Boop" WHERE: Bed WHEN: 12:00 FAVE FOOD: Ice Cream
"Let Me Be"

Anahi- "Annie" WHERE: Forest WHEN: Night / FAVE FOOD: Food & Candy QUOTE: "Twins"

damian Favian

Damian- "Ziablo" WHERE: In your dreams WHEN: 3:33
FAVE FOOD: Blood Ice Cream QUOTE: "Look into My Eyes"

Favian- "Freddy Fazbear" WHERE: Freddy Fazbears Pizza WHEN:12AM - 6AM
FAVE FOOD: Pizza QUOTE: "Welcome to Freddy Fazbears Pizza!"

fa fe1
Fathuel: "Mr. Emotion" WHERE: Comedy Shows
WHEN: 7-12 FAVE FOOD: Emotiona QUOTE:"Ha Ha"
Fernando E. : "Ugly Music" WHERE: Trashcan
WHEN: Anytime FAVE FOOD: Trashcan QUOTE:"I eat garbage!"
sc kath

Sophia: "The Four Emoji's" WHERE: In your phoneWHEN: When you text an emoji to someone FAVE FOOD: Pizza (Smile) Ice cream (Frown) QUOTE: "I’m Happ-sad-nerv-mad"

Katherine: "?" WHERE: Everywhere WHEN: Everyday
FAVE FOOD: Noodles QUOTE: "?"

sg jf
Steven G: "Mexican Unibrow" WHERE: Mexico WHEN: When I was born
FAVE FOOD: Enchiladas QUOTE:"Mr. Unibrow"
Julio: "Normiee" WHERE: Everywhere that has pain and joy WHEN: Since the beginning of time and space FAVE FOOD: Cherry QUOTE: "I'm normal"


Samuel: "The Howler" WHERE: Forest WHEN: Night FAVE FOOD: Steak QUOTE:"owwwwww" Fernando P: "Mr. Derp" WHERE: Somewhere
WHEN: When he feels like it FAVE FOOD: Burritos QUOTE:"huh, what happens"
alina sheccid
Alina: "Rainbow Freak" WHERE: In the Forest WHEN: 5:11PM FAVE FOOD: Pizza & Rainbow Cotton Candy QUOTE:"I love Rainbows" Sheccid "Owl" WHERE: Forest WHEN: Night FAVE FOOD: Pasta QUOTE:"Owl in the Dark"
val anad
Valeria: "Unikitty" WHERE: In Fluffy Clouds WHEN: Night FAVE FOOD: Steak QUOTE:"I fart Rainbows" Anadeleny: "Bob" WHERE: Daegu, South Korea WHEN: When he not sleeping he awake:)))) FAVE FOOD: Coffee & Ice Cream QUOTE:"Love myself, Love yourself"
gab josue
Gabriel: "One" WHERE: In your nightmares WHEN: At Night FAVE FOOD: souls QUOTE:"Ryuujin-no-ken-wo-kurae" Josue: "?" WHERE: IDK WHEN: IDK FAVE FOOD: IDK QUOTE:"?"
Alexa: "pepe the Frog" WHERE: Meme-opia WHEN: Anytime :) FAVE FOOD: Beetle Juice QUOTE:"Dat Boi is my Cousin :)" Taylor "Masquerader" WHERE: Everywhere WHEN: 27/7 FAVE FOOD: Pizza QUOTE:"Hi"


Drum Masks from previous years

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