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World Music Drums Project Due 11.14.17

"A tree cannot make a forest...Nobody is self-sufficient. We all rely on one another to succeed in life"
Francis Awe, Nigerian Master Drummer

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Make a Drum! ~ Fall Project 2017 ~

• You will build a drum based on your research and lessons in class
You will not be graded on whether the drum “plays good sound"
(that would be a much more complicated project.)

• The construction will take place outside the classroom

• The drum materials can be: cardboard, wood, metal, string, etc.

• please notice the 5 steps / assignments due before the actual drum & script ...
..... Your drum & "presentation" script are due in class

• Drum Size Limits: length, width, depth, between 8 & 18 inches only
- Please follow dimension size so everyones drumcan fit in the display area!
- Points will be deducted for drums that are TOO large
• Premade / commercial drums are not acceptable!

 • See below for student made examples by our Dragon Drummers!

PROJECT CALENDAR (When and what is due)
Please note: STEPS 1-
3 & 5 need to be in your D.N.B. (Drum Notebook)

__ Step 1 -10pts-  10.18.17 - Rough sketches of designs and drum shape

__ Step 2 -10pts- 10.20.17  - Describe 10+ steps you will take to build your drum

__ Step 3 -10pts- 10.23.17 - Material List with parent signature: x _______________________ (Make a list of at least 10 materials you will need to build your drum)

__ Step 4 -20 points- 11.08.17 (Handout) with your own written myth about how your drum came to exist for your tribe

__ Step 5- 20 points-  11.14.17- 2-3 paragraphs of a written Script for your 1-2 minute presentation describing your creative process

__ Step 6 - 100 points- 11.14.17 Your completed Drum project and presentation due!      
                                                                                               (Don't forget your  script!)

Extra Credit?
for those looking for Extra Credit:

• Make a diorama of the setting where your tribe plays the drums
• Include drums and other percussion instruments used by your tribe
• Think of other details you could include, (e.g. when are the drums used?
• Consider what the drums are made of related to the geography of the region
• What would your tribe make songs about?
• Also, please write a paragraph describing the setting.
If you have any questions, PLEASE ASK! 

Examples of previous projects by our Dragon Drummers

drumc   druma
drumm16_2   drm4
wmd1   drum16_4
drm3   drumb
drms5   drms6
drumd   drm2


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