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World Music Drums
I- Research Song Lyrics


Think of a song with lyrics that has affected your heart and / or mind.
Create a powerpoint that:

includes the actual lyrics
- explains why you like the song
_ explains the song's meaning

Besides the requirements above...
Your project should include:
the writer /publisher/ artist of the lyrics
_ genre of music
_ name and image of artist
performing the song
_ cover of the cd the song is from
_ year song was written
_ the audience (who is song intended for?)

Possible lyrics that have to do with: Life Story, Friendship, Love, Rejection, Making Up, Hard Choices, Family, Money, etc.

(Remember... "how, what, when, where. and why")
Also, Please read the mobile lab manners and research expectations below.

Word Version
1-2 pages
2 images
5+ details
1 quote
1+ assertion (w/supporting details)
2+ sources in bibliographic form


Power Point Version
5+ slides 
2+ images
5+ details
1+ quote
1+ assertion (w/supporting details)
1+ sound clip
2+ sources in bibliographic form





Due June 8th, 2012

1. Visit sites that are on topic.
2. Cite which sites you get your information and images from.
3. Make sure all writing is in your own words except for quotes
4. Spend 75% of your time on research and 25% on the making of the powerpoint or word document!
5. Create a folder on the desktop with the names of your group members
6. Make sure all the elements (text, images, presentation) are kept in that folder.
7. Make a back-up copy of your presentation on Mr. Forfar's flash drive

Cooperative Group Project (choosing from the same topics above)
You can work in groups up to a maximum of 2 students. You need to  fill out a CGP contract
(that details each person's duties for the project) The contract is due May 20th!

1. Brainstorm topics and decide on 1 topic
2. Draw and write a rough outline of your project in your DNB
3. take notes including writing down the sources (web addresses of your info)
4. Write and /or build your project

1. Wait for the computer monitors to be pass out the laptop to your group
2. Be gentle with the laptop (as you would with a 3 week old baby)
3. Keep sound turned way down
4. Pick up the laptop with 2 hands and never by the screen
5. At the end of class, wait for the computer monitors to be pick up the laptop from your group

REMINDER: sites such as GOOGLE.COM or ASK.COM are SEARCH ENGINES, not sites that you should mention in your bibliography.




“Near the ink, you will be black, near the lamp, you will be bright."
~ Vietnamese Proverb"


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