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Don Forfar:
Army Corp of Engineers WWI France 1885-1975
originally worked as a Mechanical Engineer for Pillsbury, then Grinell for 40 years or more until retirement at age 79. He would live til just short of his 90th birthday.


  In his late 70's, Grampa told his daughter how proud he was of his son Don for forming a partnership with Bob Abele, another architect in early 1960's. Don Sr. mentioned he had had an offer to do something similar with another mechanical engineer in the 1930's. However, as it was the depression era, he was afraid to take the risk for his wife and two children.



Dorothy Forfar. She met Don in Iowa where she was working as a French teacher, they married in the 1920's , and had Don (1926) and Joan (1931) in Minneapolis.



Dorothy with kitten 1910?


Dorothy with son Don 1926 or 27