2) Students who wish to attempt to raise their grade by way of an exemplary Extra Credit Project:
a) Schedule a meeting after school to discuss your proposal.
b) The meeting has to take place at least 5 weeks before the end of the semester.
c) Sign a contract that includes your proposal and completion schedule

d) Extra Credit projects are nt accepted the last 3 weeks of each semester

“Two birds disputed about a kernel, when a third swooped down and carried it off.     ~ Proverb from Mali~

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Your Biggest Moments saved, with risk and courage

1) Saving assignments in your spiral notebook or Binder:
Students are required to save all home and class learning in their individual 3 ring binders or notebooks for each class. There will be a periodic binder / notebook check.


• are created to help you learn through your innovations and thoughts
• some will be graded for accuracy and development, while others will measure the level of student mastery and learning
• are designed for practice and some will not receive points
• will sometimes be evaluated by you and your fellow students
• can be for building knowledge that will help with future assignments not to mention, tests or projects
• are checked for timely submission and effort.



Grade Weights & Categories
• 40 % – Essay, Project, Culminating Task
• 25 % – Class Practice (e.g. warm ups, thinking on paper,
Cornell Notes, KWC, rough drafts, notebooks, etc.)

• 30 % – Quiz & Test
• 4% – Home Practice 
(unless part of a larger project / assignment)
• 1% – EC Thinking Knowing Writing Speaking

Work Habits and Cooperation 

‘E’ (excellent) ‘S’ (satisfactory) and ‘U’ (unsatisfactory)

Work Habits
0-2 missing or late assignments = “E”
3-5 missing or late assignments = “S”
6+ missing or late  assignments = “U”

0-2 detentions (lunch or after school) = “E”
3 detentions (lunch or after school) =”S”
more than 3 detentions (lunch or after school) =”U”

Having U’s on your report card effects your priveleges for activities such as: Free Dress Day, Dances, Field Trips, Culmination, Beach Trip, etc.

1) If you miss an assignment:
a) call / text / email a friend or”study buddy” to ask what you missed or b) check the homework board on the side of the room or
Email Mr. Forfar using Schoology

2) Students are responsible to make up any class/home work they miss. This includes tests!

Late Assignments

• Students with a verified absence (e.g. illness or funeral): need to complete the work or test and then turn it in the same week they returned to school for full credit
• Students without a verified absence:late work must be turned in before each progress report period. For example, if miss a HW or classwork in August, it must be made up before the first progress report in September.  If you miss a HW in during the 2nd grading period, , it must be made up before the October progress report. And so on.