You will build a sarcophagus based on your research and lessons in class.
The construction will take place outside the classroom. It can be made of:  cardboard, wood, metal, foam core, clay, or plaster.
Your sarcophagus and script are due in class 12.?.19… please, remember however….several other steps are due beforehand!

Sarcophagus Project

Keep the Mummy Comfortable for the A.L!

PROJECT CALENDAR(When and what is due)

10pts. 11.??.19  _ Draw 3 rough sketches of designs u might use for your sarcophagus (S.S.N.B.)

 10pts. 11.??.19 _ Describe at least 10 materials you will need to build yoursarcophagus  including parent signature


10pts. 11.??.19 _ Explain 10+ steps you will take to build your sarcophagus (S.S.N.B.)   

16pts. 12.??.19 _ Your Global Competency ”Connections to Egypt” with at least four

bullet points per competency. (handout.)

10pts. 12.??.19 _ A written 1+ page script for your 1 minute presentation explaining the ways your sarcophagus connects to ancient  

Egyptian  beliefs.  (see below under #1) (S.S.N.B.)

100pts. 12.11.18 _ Your completed Sarcophagus project.

10pts. 12.11.18_ 1 minute presentation with your script.



Your Sarcophagus Project should include:

1. __ A 1-2 minute SCRIPT for your presentation about your Sarcophagus. Please be able to answer questions explaining how your project helps you  understand ancient Egyptian  culture and beliefs.

              (HINT: Think of  ‘who, what, when, why, where, how’ questions & answers.)
2.  __ On the outside of your sarcophagus ~ ancient Egyptian designs / motifs
__ On the outside of your sarcophagus ~ Egyptian hieroglyphics
4._ On the top of the coffin ~ Egyptian style “head” (human or animal)

           (drawn or3-D) (NO PRINT OUTS PLEASE!)
5.  __ Inside your sarcophagus ~ objects for the ‘afterlife’  and amulets for  protection

6. Inside your sarcophagus ~ an actual ancientEgyptian prayer (translated in

           English) (please cite source where you copied it from)
7.__ YourGlobal Competency handout ”Connections to Egypt” with at least 3-4

            bullet points per competency.

8.__1+ page script for your presentation (SSNB)

9. __ Bibliography listing at least 5 sources using the correct bibliography format

10. __Print your name/period!on the bottom (underneath) of your sarcophagus ~


                      The Sarcophagus Size: (dimensions)

                        length: not less than 8” & not more than 16”

                        width:  not less than 6”  & not more than 12”  

                        depth:  not less than 3” & not more than 8”