The class combines research and “hands-on” cross-cultural learning to help students develop both community and musical awareness. Students will discover how playing music involves respect, focusing, listening, problem solving, math, merriment, cooperation, and other important life skills. We will learn drumming techniques, patterns, and songs while also studying African, Asian, European and Latin American musical traditions, art, and culture.



In addition, students will study multi-cultural related art and poetry, as well as complete the following projects:

1) Drum Making Project
2) The Culture of Masks
3)  I-Research Japanese Drums 
4)  I-Research Music  
5)  I-Research Cultures  
I-Research Lyrics 

Please notice: Each student must bring their spiral notebook for World Music Drums to every class meeting. The “Drum” notebook will be used for reflective writing, note taking, rough drafts, and homework.

Dragon drummers of the past!

“A  tree cannot make a forest…Nobody is self-sufficient. We all rely on one another to succeed in life”
                 Francis Awe, Nigerian Master Drummer