Project Guidelines

  • You will build a drum based on your research and lessons in class.
  • The construction will take place mostly outside the classroom.
  • The drum materials can be: cardboard, wood, metal, string, etc.(but not “premade”)
  • You will not be graded on whether drum “plays well.”
  • Your drum and presentation are due in class TBA…. however, please note the 6 steps (assignments) below that are due beforethe actual drum is turned in. Furthermore, you will need your parent or guardian to sign for Step# 3 by TBA
  • You can find examples of projects by students from previous years at the bottom of this page
  • Drum Size: (dimensions) length: • width:depth: between 12 & 24 inches only


(When and what is due)

Steps 1-3 & 5 need to be completed and saved in your D.N.B. (Drum Notebook)

 Step 1–  10pts.  10.14.19  – Rough sketches of designs and drum shape in your (D.N.B.)

Step 2–  10pts.   10.16.19  – Describe 10 steps you will take to build your drum in your (D.N.B.)

Step 3–  10pts.    10.21.19  – List at least 10 materials you will need to build your drum in your (D.N.B.)  with parent signature. 

Step 4–  20pts     11.5.19  – Handout ~ Create your own written myth about how your drum came to be

Step 5–  20pts     11.12.19     – 3-5 paragraphs ~ written Scriptfor your 1-2 minute presentation describing your creative process (D.N.B.)

Step 6– 100pts   11.12.19    – Your completed Drum project and presentation due!


Extra Credit?
for those looking for Extra Credit :
– Make a diorama of the setting where your tribe plays the drums
– Include drums  and other percussion instruments used by your tribe
– Think of other details you could include, (e.g. when are the drums used?
 – Consider what the drums are made of
– What would your tribe make songs about?  Include a paragraph    describing the setting.