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Middle school can be as exhilarating as it is bewildering  . It is your time to “take chances, make mistakes., get messy,” while at the same time learning to become more organized, follow through, and be able to explain and share your ideas. Browse this website to get an idea of what we will study during sixth grade. One of our main goals here at ISLC is to encourage all students to feel capable, significant, and academically challenged, while at the same time helping you study how the world works and what you can do about global issues that interest you.
If you have any questions about the assignments or the school, please email me through your student Schoology account.

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p.s. This site is for 6th graders, visit  ISLC Legacy if you are looking for more information about grades 6-12.

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ISLC has been part of Asia Society’s  International Studies Schools  Network  (ISSN) since 2004. This international network of schools focuses on preparing students to have the knowledge and skills to be global citizens in this rapidly changing world.   “In the curriculum, global competence challenges students to investigate the world, consider a variety of perspectives, communicate ideas, and take meaningful action. A globally focused curriculum engages students in their own learning and motivates them to strive for knowledge and understanding. And a curious, inspired student strives to learn more in school and beyond.” 

Unfortunately, all field trips, events, etc. (e.g. Back to School Night, Eastside Festival, Getty Museum, etc.) are postponed due to the nationwide COVID-19 pandemic.